Miami, Friendship, and More :)

Hey guys! So this past weekend I went to Florida to visit my best friend Alyssa. I had such an amazing time there! We went to the Museum of Ice Cream, and my dad came with us which was kinda cool. He was so excited to hang out with us -lol. We also brought a photographer so we could capture all of our fun moments. You have probably been seeing a lot of those on my Instagram :)

Alyssa also took me to some of her favorite places in Miami. It was so nice to spend time with her and get to do the things we love to do. One of our favorite places is Shake Shack. I’ve been eating really healthy so I splurged a little because this was a “special occasion” haha. She also drove me for the first time! That was really cool. You can watch that experience in my latest YouTube video!

Hanging out with her this past weekend made me really miss her company. I haven’t seen her since the summer, and we don’t get to see each other that often anymore because she no longer lives in Pittsburgh. We make it work though. I think people sometimes forget that long distance relationships aren’t just for couples. They’re for friends and family too. It’s hard to not see the people you love and care about very often. Do you guys have any long distance friendships?

I’ve gotten pretty used to being away from friends and family, but we stay in contact all the time. Alyssa and I text pretty much everyday. The people that I’m closest to are busy and they understand that I have a busy schedule as well. It all works out though. We always make time for each other no matter what. We find a time and we work with what we’ve got, and that’s what makes us unbreakable. Even if it’s hard, we make it happen.